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Seung-chan’s Diary: “TOP san’s Birthday”

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Today is Bigbang oldest member, TOP’s birthday! TOP was like “Oi! If you guys are planning for my birhday surprise party now, you better stop it! Because im going to sleep early” since yesterday..

But, we’re sorry TOP san, we don’t even have plans for that. wwwwwwww ( laugh) Because weren’t the fans already sang birthday song for you during the Live concerts? ^^

These days, TOP always the mood-maker at the work location! He’s actually a really funny person in the first place! I don’t understand why he doesn’t show this charm in tv shows.. Ah! I know!! Is this his strategy!!?wwww (laugh) but these gaps of TOP makes everybody loves him! Why is it?! Because he is TOP!!!

He is now actively working as actor! Currently,in the movie that being filmed right now, i think we can see a side of TOP that we haven’t seen before!

There was one time during the magazine shooting, i was asked if TOP were a food, what food would he be? i answered a steak. it’s kind of a luxury, stylish, it’s taste depends on how long it’s grilled, just my image of him though.

TOP is surprisingly a very detail person. If the lights in the waiting room is too bright…or too dim,he has a clear definition of what coffee does he like! Such a great person! I spent 8 years together with him, but there are still many sides of him that i still don’t know!! From now, it’s your job to search about it! wwww (laugh)

Anyway, brother! From now on too, for the worldwide Fans, and for yourself, please continue working hard (^O^)/ I’m looking forward to see you appear in Hollywood movie in the future!!

Lastly, for all TOP’s fans, im going to tell you TOP’s secret!!! TOP….. sometimes when he’s drunk…wow! he cries sometimes..! …And he’s really cuuuute!! wwwwwwwww (laugh). Couldn’t imagine it right?because i’ve seen it~~ Please keep it as secret okay~~ if he knows this, i’ll be killed for sure~! wwwwwwwwwwwwwww (laugh). Anyway, TOP san, Happy Birthday! (^O^)/

source: bigbangupdates

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