Fantastic Big B-A-N-G!

Seung-chan’s Diary: “Seungchan meets Bumblebee”

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Today i went to Universal Studio! This guy (bumblebee) is more popular than me. He can’t talk, but still really famous! I saw the real thing! Awesome! wwwwww

I was so amazed the first time i watched Transformer movie!!After i watched the movie, while riding my car i thought “wouldn’t my car and taxi beside are going to transform too?!!” Oh! I met Ironman too!! I want that suit too!! If I have that suit I can come and go to Korea,Japan, America and everywhere right? I will ask my mom where they sell that suit. wwwwww

I saw the real filming location for movies too (^O^)/ There was CSI drama set too! My favorite Hollywood actor is De Caprio !I love all of his movies! He also appeared in Inception with Watanabe Ken from Japan! No.1 in my heart! The music, plot, graphics are all perfect! The OST by Hans Zimmer also was so good! The director of this film, Christopher Nolan has released Batman Dark Knight Rises, and it was interesting! I want to try to be a Superhero too! What kind of Superhero suits me best?

From now on too..I’m looking forward to see how many interesting movies will be out. Thank you, Hollywood! For letting everyone to see their dreams.
Yoroshiku~ (^O^)/

credit: bigbangupdates

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