Fantastic Big B-A-N-G!

Seung-chan’s Diary: “New York!! Center of trade in the world”

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Because of yesterday’s long flight.. I fell asleep as soon as did cheak in at hotel www
(SR wrote “Cheak in” instead of “Check in”)
it was like Cheak in on the bed www
I don’t know why but morning in NewYork was so romantic^_^
maybe it was for sleeping early

today Bigbang did live performances at the Prudential Center in New Jersey that is far from New York by 40mins !

today… It’s a matter for regret that there are still damages to send oils to New York cuz of blizzard and hurricane. and snowing.. it’s hazardous yet.
so the amount of putting oils into a car was limited..
10000 fans were supposed to come originally but it seemed that some couldn’t..
somehow I’m sad.. we did Lives enthusiastically today as always…
how were other fans who couldn’t come. it can’t be helped..
I will go to the fans’ living room for Live.
Send me the addresses of those who could not attend today

source: bigbangupdates

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