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Seung-chan’s Diary: “Painful memories to that sky”

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Bitter memory is flown to the sky..
I said there were a number of fans who couldn’t attend Live yesterday.
but today.. like a lie, 14000 people came so no empty seats were there..
and, the atmosphere was hot. I was moved somewhat..
maybe everyone read my diary…
Live in living room.. is gonna be ok? www
apparently this diary seems to be translated in other languages too !!!!!
all Japanese are lucky ! ya ! so plz be tender to me.. wwwww
it’s awesome that people in the world read this diary…
Thanks to Twitter and Facebook..
I would be thankful if our music became popular from SNS but in other way, the one can get hurt when others circulate his life without a permission or write on not good things.
in fact.. I gave up using SNS once because I didn’t know how to use www
diary is better for me ww fighting !
at this moment ! I have something to say to the people in Eastcost USA.
hurricane is gone. snowing stopped.
I hope you to have only warm and happy things.
let’s overcome together strongly. ^^ I cheer you.
send my energy to the US. *inserting*

source: bigbangupdates


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