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Seung-chan’s Diary: “Seungchan in NY, The last day”

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Today is the last day in New York.
this place has different attractions from Los Angeles’s, I’m pleasant with them.
I went to the Times square to feel New York more as the last chance. even though it was night, LED signboards hung on buildings were blight and dazzling like daytime !!
there were a lot of people who came for travel.
lots of Asians recognized me… so I didn’t take selca.. I felt shy..wwwwww

and I watched Musical Wicked !! which I wanted to see really at Broadway !
Wicked means… Dangerous in Japanese? it is used in many ways anyway. Elphaba, who was born in green skin, .. was so skillful at singing… how come a witch sings a song that well, what should we do then !! www
Elphpa’s roommate is Glinda! I like (^O^)/
I like Glinda most
she did odd behaviors to Elphaba during musical, but the character! is pretty cute!! Glinda does a crucial role in musical for sure!!
All audiences were glad ! as Glinda appeared !
I want to become like Glinda..
I’d like to make people pleasant even if I may not be popular among them…
probably Glinda ! I reckon she is the existence. you can understand what I’m saying with going to see this musical (^O^)/

NewYork, I was happy!
Our dream.. is getting bigger and bigger. my heart is overflowing.
Good night !

source: bigbangupdates

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