Fantastic Big B-A-N-G!

SeungRi’s interview series with Oricon, VVVI Style Vol. 6

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VOL 6: When we’re apart, then only I can feel how precious BIGBANG is.

*I: Interviewer

I: As announced before, the theme for this volume is ‘Thoughts on BIGBANG’. After doing solo activity, did your thoughts and views about the group BIGBANG changed?
VI: Since I’m the youngest in Big Bang, up until now I’m always relying on to the seniors (hyungs). Of course I’m also speak out my ideas and opinions but the leader, G-Dragon san with his outstanding talents in music, art, fashion and all… I can leave everything to him with ease. Each member has excellent talent, and if I follow them, there will be no problem. But, when I’m doing my solo activity there’s no one except me, and there’s so many thing that I have to decide on my own…haa~ (sigh) It’s difficult (bitter smile).

I: Now you know how your big brothers (hyungs) have work so hard.
VI: (low voice) Yes, you’re right. Plus, being separated in Japan and Korea was a bit hard. Previously, it’s not that we’re seeing each other every day, and there’s also time that we’re not seeing each other at all and I thought I’m going to be alright, but as expected.. If in Korea, I can go see them immediately if I feel like want to meet them because of the short distance. That sense of ease was great.

I: Do you feel lonely?
VI: There were sometimes. While working, I’m absorbed in what I’m doing so, it’s alright but when I go home and become alone, I’ll start to think “Ahh~ What’s the others are doing right now?”

I: You’re not calling or sending message to them?
VI: I called them a lot. It’s just Sol san always replies my message in English.

I: Eh?! Why he does that?
VI: Though you ask me “Why?”, I’m the one who is curious (laugh)

I: You didn’t ask Sol san the reason?
VI: I asked before, “Why?””Really why you did that?” (laugh). I asked him in hangul “Hyung, how are you?” and then I received a “What’s Up?” as a reply (laugh)

I: Of course you want to know the reason right? (laugh)
VI: I’m wondering why~ How am I supposed to reply~ made me think a lot and lastly, I gave up.

I: You gave up?
VI: Our message ended there.

I: Is that mean you didn’t reply to Sol san?
VI: Yes. (seems like he remembered something) Ah~ I should have reply him in Japanese!

I: (laugh)
VI: Why I come up with the idea only now? Haa~ It’s late already. (Feel down)

I: I think that’s the best way to reply him! Or maybe Sol san wanted to test VI san?
VI: Well~ I wonder. And usually I don’t really understand what he’s thinking about. (laugh)

I: Sol san on the stage is also like that, among members his words and actions are the most unpredictable.
VI: He has a very high level of freedom. That’s also Sol’s charming point. But if I try to think, it’s kind of amazing~ Sending message in Hangul, receive a reply in English, and I reply again in Japanese!

I: As expected from members of Big Bang, that’s currently been doing their global activity.
VI: But, is there a need for me and Sol san to communicate in 3 languages…. (laughs)

I: You’re right. But if you reply to him in Japanese, what you’re going to write?
VI: I will write “Sorry…It’s nothing” (laughs)

I: Why don’t you try to send to him (laugh)
VI: I’m the impolite one right (laugh)

I: Really. TOP san is filming his movie, and each Big Bang members are doing their own solo activities, but when you guys worried about other, do you encourage each other others by saying such as “Do your best”?
VI: In Big Bang, we don’t really like cheering words. That’s why we don’t say “Please do your best” that often and it’s because working hard is a common thing to do. And if we’re having a hard time, we don’t say “Are you okay?” to each other too.

I: There’s no need to express with words.
VI: Rather, we already know the person involved feel pain the most, struggling desperately, and keep fighting. They’re not okay so they’re having difficulty right?

I: You are absolutely right.
VI: Of course there are words that can encourage us but at the end you still have to overcome everything on your own.

I: Observing the partner and then give them some space. After being together for so many years, that might be the kindness, and showing care to each other, and maybe it’s love.
VI: It’s not that exaggerated but….. watching over them is also one way to express that we care for them.

I: This time too, I can listen to VI sensei’s great lecture~
VI: I don’t even know from the story of Sol san’s message can lead to here. (laughs)

I: As expected!


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