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Seung-chan’s Diary: “Ardent South America”

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Here is Peru in South America!

Media have broadcasted on us from yesterday. Because fans’ reaction here is hot.. of course fans in other nations support us hard… Bigbang seldom comes to South America.. so people not only in Peru but also in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and other countries as well attended Live today.. it was like a festival.

¿Siempre son asi de apasionados?(SR wrote this in Japanese) this Spanish means “are you guys that zealous like this originally?”.. I wanted to say this, so memorized but I stuttered a lot.. I’m sorry..

This place has very different atmosphere, language and culture from others we’ve been to. it was interesting. is it ok to dub it a new world. people here know our existence.. so nice I can’t believe.. We don’t know when we meet fans here again. I felt fans saw us, wanting to remember us in heart and feel us more.. I did my best to live up to the expectation of South America. Live show was going at 9pm in weekday. every fan did their best too. even it was quite cold due to outdoor stage.. we’re gonna go back home tomorrow but I’m not happy, thinking fans missing us in South America..

Gracias Peru Adios!!!!

Source: @ShrimpLJY, bigbangupdates


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