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TRANS “@IBGDRGN: Want want want 8282” 8282 means quick. So he said “Want want want quick”

TRANS “@ganzi78: @IBGDRGN It’s awesome. Did you order it?😳 “

TRANS “@WAWASOUL: @ganzi78 @IBGDRGN It’s dangerous…”

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: @ganzi78 Ahhehehhohohhehehehahah yes ㅋㅋ “

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: @WAWASOUL @ganzi78 Hyung you are more dangerous…”

TRANS “@ganzi78: @IBGDRGN wow~~ it’s real awesome I’m going to see them later. I wanna see in reality 😦”

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: @ganzi78 Come to pension later~~ㅋㅋ And see Gaho as well”

TRANS “@ganzi78: @IBGDRGN Will you put it on the pension? Wow it’s very pretty👍👍 “

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: @ganzi78 These days I’ve bought everything and decorated house ㅋㅋ anyway let’s roast meat and eat later”

TRANS “@WAWASOUL: @IBGDRGN @ganzi78 Can I go there as well???☺”

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: @WAWASOUL @ganzi78 Sorry you can’t..”

@WAWASOUL: Sorry….

TRANS “@WAWASOUL: @IBGDRGN @ganzi78 Fuck, I won’t go..👺 “

TRANS “@IBGDRGN: @WAWASOUL @ganzi78 La la la, look at me with loving eyes, don’t curse me~~~ㅋㅋ I’m kidding. Let’s go together ㅋㅋ”

[TRANS] “@IBGDRGN: You are not allowed to be doing this here″ *GD is copying a popular phrase used on KBS Gag Concert.

source: @IBGDRGN

trans: @LueKim, @big_seunghyun


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