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Seung-chan’s Diary: “Seungchan! Gomu Gomu!”

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It’s Osaka!! Feel like I’m back home! You don’t know how much I love Japan! wwww Many fans waited so long for us at the airport. They said “Seungchan, thank you for coming to Osaka!” But it’s okay not to say so^^

I went to the place that exhibited “One Piece” in Osaka! It was really fun(^ㅇ^)/ there were Luffy and his brother, Ace’s figures in life size. And 3D graphics with videos and sounds as well. I felt that I was in the world of One Piece, not just an exhibition. My favorite character is Sanji. He is always in good suits, I like him. as I went out through the exit, I had the face of kids.

Photos sources: @ShrimpLJY and @ForvictoRi

Translated by @ShrimpLJY

Note: Gomu Gomu is a reference to Monkey d’ Luffy’s attack. Gomu means rubber.


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