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Seung-chan’s Diary: “The Greatness of Kyocera Dome”

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Three Japan’s Dome tour has begun. Today was Kyocera dome in Tokyo. Before the real concert, I always imagine from the perspective of the audiences looking at us by walking round the concert hall. Because today, around 50,000 fans were planning to come, I checked how they would hear the sound, in different places, from closest to the furthest positions.

But, the thing that concerns me the most is that dome is originally a baseball stadium, which means, no jumping, as there are grasses under the audiences… What… I found out the sign at the entrance, which says ‘Do not jump’. … If I say to everyone, ‘JUMP!!’, they would wonder what to do..
People in Japan keep their promises properly..
Under these strict rules, it is up to us to make everyone exciting. It’s the first time in my life to do a live with these many fans. I wanted to do better. I wanted to make everyone more happy in the Japan concert which I’ve missed. I think today’s experience was a good lesson to us.

I want to express my thankfulness to those who came to support us, in the position where they couldn’t see us properly. From today’s concert, I decided not to prepare a stage where people at the back can’t see. First of all, for tomorrow’s live, go to bed Seung chan.

Source: @UKBigBang
translation:@hmilbori (Japanese to Korean) and @xxxseungri (Korea to English)


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