Fantastic Big B-A-N-G!

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“2012 MelOn Music Awards” have decided its top 10 artists to be nominated for the Artist of the Year award. “2012 MelOn Music Awards” sponsoring companies Loen Entertainment and MBC Plus Media announced 2NE1, Busker Busker, BEAST, Big Bang, PSY, SISTAR, IU, Infinite, T-ara, and Huh Gak as “2012 Melon Music Awards” Top 10.

Of the Top 10 artists, 6 teams are idol groups, proving an on-going strong idol trend in K-pop industry. Moreover, global star PSY, audition sensation Busker Busker, and solo female artist IU have been picked as the Top 10 artists, too. The first round of online poll to nominate the Top 10 artists totaled almost 700,000 votes. The Top 10 artists have been picked based on this online poll (20%) and their online sales record (80%). “2012 Melon Music Awards” online voting continues until December 13 to decide which of the 10 artist teams will be the winner of each award.

Experts are anticipating to see much competition for the Global Artist award and Netizen Popularity Battle award this year. The Global Artist award now collect data from YouTube viewership (40%) and online votes (60%), now applying opinions and votes of overseas fans via the internet. Netizen Popularity Battle award also reflect online voting up to 60%.

”2012 Melon Music Awards” is scheduled to occur on December 14 at 7pm KST in Seoul, Korea.

Other categories that BIGBANG & G-Dragon are nominated for:

Artist of the Year — Big Bang
Album of the Year — Big Bang’s Alive, GD’s OOAK
Best Song — Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby”
Best Caller Bell (Ringback tone) — G-Dragon‘s “One of a Kind” and Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby”
Netizen’s Popularity Award — G-Dragon‘s “One of a Kind” and Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby”
Global Artist — Big Bang

Only fans with a Korean SS# or Alien Registration # can vote for the Mel0n Awards. Mel0n is based (80%) digital sales and (20%) online votes. The digital sales are from only, so referencing GAON or Billboard digital numbers won’t be exactly reflective of Mel0n’s numbers. This is also why some very popular groups are missing, or not ranking very high, as their digital sales on MelOn are not very good.

Source:,, @YGladies, @YGLtazanya


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