Fantastic Big B-A-N-G!

2012 MAMA in Hong Kong: Performance/Awards + Photos/Post Press Conference Photos/After Party Photos

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Big Bang Winning “BEST MALE GROUP”:

Big Bang won ‘Best Male Group’ + G-Dragon’s Thank You Speech!

Translation: “Thank you. Yayy. First of all, I think the fact that I’m accepting the award from Han Ga In noona makes this feel even better. Thank you for this award. Since it’s a group award, the other members should be up here with me, but they’re preparing for our performance, so please forgive that. It’s an honor to share this award with everyone in YG Family and most of all our fans, VIPs. Thank you!”

Big Bang Winning “Guardian Angel World Wide Award”:

(The award was accepted on Big Bang’s behalf by Epik High since they were preparing for their performance stage)

Translation: “Bigbang is preparing really awesome stage in backstage. I will give this trophy to them for sure. Thanks!”

G-Dragon Winning “BEST MALE ARTIST”:
Translation: “Hi. I’m so busy today. Thank you so much. Im not sure if I deserve this award but I’ll take it as a message to work harder. It’s been a while since I’ve received an award as a solo artist so I am so thankful. Thank you VIP.”

Big Bang Winning “ARTIST OF THE YEAR”:
Translation: “Thank you so much. Above all things, I want to say THANK fans all around the world. Thank you for giving this awesome award, Artist of the year. We will keep doing good music and making good stage so hope you love it. Especially, buy our albums! Thanks to YG HyunSuk hyung, Teddy, all the staffs, stylists, dancers, ppl who work for us at the back stage. Thank you so much. I love you!”

source: Mnet Asian Music Awards @FACEBOOK, MNET, scaj722, CHOI GYRL, @bianca_roque, as tagged

Translation: @saraseoul, @LueKim, @kristinekwak


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