Fantastic Big B-A-N-G!

Seung-chan’s Diary: “To respond…”

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This is Hong Kong!
Before this, I came here due to filming for a Japanese TV Show. It happened only this year.
No, this is my second time here in my lifetime..
After the concert at Tokyo Dome ends, which is next week, I will be back here again.
Because there will be a BIGBANG concert in Hong Kong.
This time we came here to attend 2012 MAMA Music Award.
Before this, we attended many award ceremonies and received many outstanding awards.
Although 2012 MAMA Music Award is a Korean award ceremony, it will be broadcasted live in many countries in Asia.
Receiving an award is a form of recognition for one’s performance in the entire year. In an artiste’s life, this is the most important moment.
But we are a little different… Of course, if we do receive an award we may be happy because of it, but to us, it is more important to respond to everyone’s expectations…
Perfect stage…
Perfect performance…
What everyone wants..
Is BIGBANG’s perfect live show..
We know…
We know clearly…
How everyone is full of anticipation. So we want to respond well to everyone’s expectations.. So, hearing everyone’s applause after our perfect live show, it will be two times better than our feelings when receiving awards…
Now November is ending.. It is going to be December soon.. Need to prepare for the ending of the year. In order to gift everyone wonderful memories this year end, we have been working hard today.
Until here, this has been a pretentious Seung-chan. wwwwwww
Very naggy? wwwwwww
Then from here onwards, I shall talk a little about something interesting. ^^
When we reached HK, we first went to the hotel!
Because there were many people, it took a very long time before I got the keys.
A very long time..
Other members got their keys and went to their rooms to rest already, but I don’t know why only my room keys… I didn’t receive..
I am really awesome! Because of my impatience I wanted to say, hand the keys over quickly! But…
Image wwwwww
Seung-chan!?? Image!!! wwwww Thinking of that I endured.
Finally, I got the keys, but the moment I entered the room! “Hello???” “Hello!!??” Ah!!! Oh no!! Isn’t there a guest in the room! And it is a woman!
Oh no!!! Really super disrespectful!! What is going on!! T.T
But, after a while because of the arrival of the hotel management, the situation became better.
“Seungri, really sorry.. Due to our mistake, we seem to have mixed up the room keys.” “We will prepare a room upgrade for you is it alright?”…
“Aiyayaya, actually you don’t have to do this, but since it is rare, I shall not stand on ceremony and accept it~-3-~~~~~^______^”
I am staying in the hotel’s best room again…!!
How can it be!!? wwwwwwww
Be it in Vegas or in Hong Kong it is the best room! wwwwwww
I want to share this luck with everyone. (^o^)/
Ah! Right. This must be kept a secret from the members…
If exposed, someone might say, ”Hey! Seungri! Change room with me!” wwwwwww
Then, goodnight everyone! (^-^)/

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