Fantastic Big B-A-N-G!

TaeYang: Solar (2010)

Solar is the first full-length solo album by Korean singer Taeyang, member of Big Bang. The album was released in two forms: the “Regular Edition” and the “Deluxe Edition” which is limited to 30,000 copies worldwide. The lead-single was “I Need a Girl” featuring his bandmate G-Dragon. On July 9, 2010, Taeyang’s solo album Solar hit second place on iTunes’ Top R&B-Soul albums chart in the United States and first place in Canada, the first time for an Asian musician.In Solar, Taeyang put much effort into enhancing his vocal skills as well as his composing, co-writing as many as four songs (“Solar”, “Where U At”, “Wedding Dress”, and “Take It Slow”) and writing lyrics for “Take It Slow”.

Taeyang’s first international album, Solar International, is the first ever K-Pop music release to be sold worldwide on iTunes as both an audio and video album. The audio version (complete with a digital booklet) hit iTunes stores on August 19, 2010, while the video version (bundled with bonus, behind the scenes documentaries) arrived by September 10, 2010.The audio album combines both English and Korean hits from his past and present albums including “I’ll Be There”, “Connection” (feat. BIG TONE), “Wedding Dress” and “I Need a Girl (feat. G-Dragon)”. On August 26, 2010, Solar’s International album made it to fifth place on iTunes’ Top R&B-Soul albums chart in the United States and Japan, and third place in Canada.

Track Listing:

1. Intro (Solar)

2. Superstar

3. I Need A Girl feat. G-Dragon

4. Just A Feeling

5. You’re My

6. Move feat. Teddy

7. Breakdown

8. After You Fall Asleep feat. Swings

9. Where U At

10. Wedding Dress

11. Take It Slow


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