Fantastic Big B-A-N-G!

Number 1 (2008)

Number 1 was the first Japanese album by the South Korean boy band Big Bang, released by YG Entertainment and Universal Music Japan in Japan. Some of the songs were written and composed by the members themselves, most notably G-Dragon. The album includes the group’s first two mini-albums in Japan and songs from their third mini-album in South Korea. Noticeably, this album is primarily in English and includes versions of songs previously released in Korean.

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Number 1

3. Make Love (English Version)

4. Come Be My Lady (English Version)

5. Haru Haru

6. With U (English Version)

7. How Gee (English Version)

8. Baby Baby (English Version)

9. So Beautiful (English Version)

10. Remember (English Version)

11. Heaven (English Version)

12. Everything (English Version)

13. Always (English Version)

14. Candle (Together Forever)


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